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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cookie Swaps

Do you participate in or host a cookie swap?  (Let my ADD take over for a bit... there are the most delightful Christmas songs being played on TV, I am so ready!)  My nieces, sister in law and daughter try to do one every Thanksgiving but now that one of my niece's lives in Nebraska and my daughter in Indiana, it hasn't been an annual event.

So it was quite the surprise to find that my daughter and two of my nieces and my sister in law were all up for a swap this year!  Our swap is always pretty simple, make 6 cookies to give to each participate and bring a dozen to share!  I always get the girls a Christmas goodie for participating and this year they are getting these cute spatulas from LTD Commodities:

Tomorrow I will post the recipes for Ashley and my cookies.  We are both trying something new for us.  We think they are going to make some cute cookies!
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  1. We do our cookie swap at Christmas, there are 12 of us, 6 dyed in the wool Southern Belles and 6 transplanted Yankees who are looking for their clapper...
    I always do Gingerbread's sort of my thing...I enjoy coming by here...have had you on my side bar over at Holding Patterns for some time, just added you to my new blogs sidebar this week...

  2. Hi Terri,
    I've always wanted to host a cookies swap, but never have. They seem like so much fun. Love those spatulas, so cute.


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