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Monday, November 14, 2011

Placing the Christmas Tree

My hubs and I had a discussion about where to place the Christmas tree this year.  We did a rearrangement of our living room last year and lost our traditional place to put the tree.  It looks like it might be going into a corner by the fireplace, which it was many years ago.  Since then we have cut down some evergreens in front of a window that flanks the fireplace.  I am getting excited about being able to see the tree from the outside!

How do you decide where to put your Christmas tree?  Are you feng shui and place it in the money corner of your home?  Do you remember to avoid putting it where it might disrupt the chi in your home?  Or are you nostalgic, placing the tree in the same place year after year?

Christmas circa 2009

Christmas 2010

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  1. We have electric heat so we have to always place it as far away from the heaters as possible. It stinks but you can still see it from outside which is what we all strive for I think :)

  2. It's been a long time since we've had a front window to put our tree in. This year I'm moving the Lazy Boy and we're putting it in the front window! It's going to take up LOTS of room in the living room, but I want to be able to see it from outside!

    I love your tree pictures - Do you guys get a real tree??

  3. Been here 24 years and the tree always is in front of the bay window. I would love to move it but with the open plan this is the best place for it.

  4. 24 years here and the tree in same place. With the open floor plan it is the best place. Would love to change things up if it was possible.

  5. I don't think about chi when placing the tree.:-)

    I am working on a couple of ideas for this year, which may be (working on that too) the last Christmas in this house. I don't think I will pull out all the stops, but I am working on an idea or three.


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