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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Traditions on Thanksgiving

Kitchen tree circa 2000
Do any of you have Christmas traditions that start on Thanksgiving?

Debbie posted that her family turns on their outdoor lights on Thanksgiving night to welcome in the holiday season! I love that! On my side of the family we will take our family Christmas card photo. My mom sends out photo cards to her friends. We love seeing how we have changed over the past ears.

My husbands side of the family spends Thanksgiving night plotting their routes for Black Friday. It is quite the logistical nightmare but they love doing it!

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  1. Our tree goes up on Thanksgiving night while the family is all there to participate. This began with my great grandmother, Aida Douglas...

  2. I always like to make my first couple batches of hard candies on Thanksgiving evening. Then the Christmas Season is really here in my mind.


  3. I adore your Kitchen tree!!I wish I had a larger Kitchen so I could fit a bigger tree in it!! LOL!!

    I think that was probably me who commented on turning on the CHristmas lights outside on Thanksgiving Day night..
    I have done that for many years...


  4. Love that Kitchen Christmas tree. We don't really have a Christmas tradition that starts on Thanksgiving. But tomorrow, I kick into gear all my decorating, if I can gather enough energy. Wow, Thanksgiving can be exhausting, especially when your cooking! :) Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Love the Kitchen tree! I've got a small one in the kitchen now. The red curtains are great too.


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