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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Its A Howling Good Christmas!

My two dogs are like small, spoiled children.  Wilson and Truman are our special companions throughout the year, so you can imagine my complete joy when I saw this adorable decorating for the dogs!  I love the dog house as the prop for the tree.  I can't really tell if this is what is on this tree or not, but I think having dog biscuits tied on with cute red ribbons would be a must.

Isn't this adorable!

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  1. What a cute idea for the tree. But I sure would never dare use real doggie biscuits on one. My little doggies would I am sure find a way to get to the, I have an awful time just keeping ornaments on my lower branches. Last year our one was just a year so am hoping this year she will be better. I think last year she thought they were toys for her.

    You little ones are sure cute. They look pretty spoiled just like mine.


  2. Very cute idea, and your little doggies are adorable!! The one on the right is a little version of my Gino. Have a good weekend!


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