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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fun Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions.

It just wouldn't be Christmas if.....

How would you finish that sentence?  For me, my Church's midnight mass, with all the Christmas carols sung in joyful voice is the ultimate! 

In addition, in our family, it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't visit the

Magic Tree.  This tree used to be on personal property and was decorated by its owner all through the year but only lit at Christmas.  When we first discovered this tree, only a few people knew about it.  Now it has become a major focal point in town, even having its own lighting ceremony!

It wouldn't be Christmas if my PEO group didn't shop at our local Southbank store.  The owner is a PEO member, too, and opens up the store for one night of shopping just for us.  We see the new decorations and Christmas gifts.  It is a magical night!

It wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't have my friend Barb reading the Christmas Story to us.  Every year she reads to us and reminds us of the magic of Christmas.  Reading is something I used to do for my daughter every year until she was old enough to want to read on her own.  I still like being read to!

It wouldn't be Christmas without our annual trip to see the Plaza Lights in Kansas City.  We haven't been there for the lighting but we have to make at least one trip to see these beautiful lights!

 It wouldn't be Christmas without my mom's eggnog!  It is a cold, rich, creamy drink without the additive of alcohol but we love it all the same!  When my mom was a little girl, her mom made eggnog with alcohol and wouldn't let the kids have any.  My mom decided then and there that HER eggnog would be without alcohol so the kids could have some too, and, it always has!

I hope I got you to thinking about what is important to you about Christmas!  Make time for those special moments and if the decorating, baking or socializing doesn't get done, you will still feel like you had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Hi Terri,
    Great traditions that you have. It wouldn't be Christmas to me, if I didn't sit down with a cup of hot cocoa to watch all filmed versions of "A Christmas Carol." Usually on Christmas Eve Day. I sit through them all, and my family members take turns sitting with me. Lots of other traditions too, but that one I always look forward to. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. What a beautiful tree it is.

    Love holiday traditions. As my dad always says Christmas is not Christmas unless he receives a big tin of my hard candies and a cookie jar filled with lebkuchen cookies.


  3. Lovely traditions. That tree is really something!

  4. Lovely traditions. For me, being with family is important at Christmas. Also, taking time for a church service on Christmas Eve and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas.

  5. Thanks for this wonderful post!
    Love traditions!
    Have a nice week,

  6. You have some beautiful traditions. Our family shares many of the same favorites, but I'd have to say that 'it wouldn't be Christmas without new pajamas!'

  7. I love traditions, we are quite a young family and are just making our family traditions. We have both taken some from our own childhoods but I like to make new ones too. Living in the UK we don't have eggnog but I have always wanted to try it! I think I may have to give it a try this year and if I like it that could be a new tradition! :)

  8. Oh my what a pleasure it is to visit here! How wonderful to have this Holy Season upon us!!! You have some really grand traditions! Wishing you a wonderful week and a Happy Thanks Giving!! Cathy

  9. Wow that first tree is amazing! So many lights! I love eggnog, its one of my favorite things around Christmas, yours looks so tasty!
    I just found your blog and Im now a new follower.
    You should check out my holiday blog, I would love it if you would follow me back :)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


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