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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's Rudolph Day in August!

The 25th of every month is Rudolph Day for those who follow the OC site. I haven't done much with Rudolph Day throughout this year but since it is soooo close to Christmas I am excited about it!

I have decided to give all handmade gifts this Christmas to my extended family and friends. Most of these will be food type baskets full of the things I like to make, hot fudge sauce, salsa, cornbread mix and bean soup. If you supply the tortilla chips and ice cream, you can have a meal on me! I will start looking for appropriate baskets at garage sales, or start looking for inexpensive containers at Dollar General or the Dollar Store.

For my immediate family, I am at a loss. Part of me wants to do something different, like a trip, but I could not bear seeing lots of gifts under the tree. So I am going to have to weigh that decision carefully!

I did decide that we are going to do a breakfast BBQ for our Christmas breakfast. I am going to talk Bob into grilling sausages while I make scrambled eggs and country hashbrowns on the grill and making biscuits and gravy. Won't that be fun, even in the middle of a midwest winter?

Looking forward to hearing your plans for making your holiday unique and special!

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