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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Christmas Traditions part 2

Baking, cooking, and otherwise merry making in the kitchen...

This used to be my domain. But in recent years Mr. CTL has really gotten involved with the whole candy making, cooking baking tradition. I really love it, though, because now I have help cleaning up the kitchen when we are through!

Traditionally we make

Spritz (I make dozens and dozens of these so I can use different tips)

Pretzel Rods (I get all excited about the various sprinkles I am going to use!)

Tipsy Cherries


Cookies (this usually changes every year so I can try new things)

CrockPot Candy (yummy!)

Rum Cake

Some kinds of breads (last year I made gumdrop bread and as pretty as it was, I didn't think it was very good tasting)

(not my photo!)

And mini bundt cakes for the neighbors. These vary in flavors, too, as I hear about new ones I want to try!

This tradition of baking and candy making was disrupted one year due to our daughter's upcoming wedding. I remember I made the spritz and the rum cake and called it a year!

I am so excited to hear about your baking traditions. I always gather new ideas for my Christmas by reading your blogs. Please let me know when you are posting new recipes!

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  1. My kids and I do lots of baking for Christmas. They are grown now but still bake with me and give treats to their friends and co-workers for Christmas. We reserve every Sunday in December for doing our treats.

  2. You know I love to bake and never more so than at Christmas!

    Having a young child assist in the process makes it all the more fun! To him, the process of watching a batch of dough turn into sparkling Christmas-shaped cookies is pure *MAGIC*! I bought matching gingerbread aprons for us, and we had a ball last year feverishly cutting out the cookie dough with an assortment of cookie cutters, watching them bake in rows in the oven and then decorating them with sprinkles, sugars and icing! Then we took to making our gingerbread house (you might remember the pics on my blog)!

    Baking is a large component to our holiday festivities. We give our baked goods as gifts, share them at holiday parties, donate them for holiday bake sales, and make wonderful family memories during the entire process!

    This year I hopeto share recipes and post tutorials on my blog of some of my most requested recipes :)

  3. I'd love to have your recipe for Tipsy Cherries!


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