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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Christmas Traditions Part 6

The Magic Tree

Going to see the Lights!!

We LOVE going around town and looking at Christmas lights! Our city hosts a light contest, so after it is complete and the newspaper prints the winners, we all pile into my mini SUV and trot around town looking at lights. Mr. CTL puts together an organized and detailed map and with the GPS, we find each and everyone! Last year we found this amazing tree!

We dip into our hords of Christmas cookies, make up hot cocoa and then drive for hours looking at houses and oooohing and ahhhhhing.

One year our house took second place in "Elegance" in our ward. It was so exciting to see people come to see our house!

What traditions do you have concerning Christmas Lights?

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  1. Okay, is the magic tree yours! I gasped when I saw it. I want one, I want one!! (But, alas, I'm sure I'm too lazy to do all the work required). Still, this may be the most beautiful Christmas tree I've seen. And--as an aside-I love Christmas lights on the outside of hte house but nowhere near as much as my sorry soon-to-be-ex. One year he put them everywhere outside. One of our friends from Wales came for dinner and her remark was, "Did you know your house looks like a Pub on the outside?" He was so gratified. C

  2. I put electric candles in every window. I love it. Unfortunately last year hubby really tried to do a good deed and did the LED thing and bought me all new lights. (An unbelieveable amount) and they were a little orange. I didn't care for the orange part, but truly appreciated his effort, so I put them out anyway without protest. I'd like to find white replacement bulbs for them sometime to give the aura a warmer glow rather than I'M ON FIRE glow...

  3. LOVE going to look at lights! One of the things I look forward to the most! My sweet husband indulges me with seevral trips a year to go out...I ive in the Greater Los ANgeles ares, so we have an endless supply of nighborhoods to visit.

    We usually stop at Coffee Bean and get drinks to enjoy while we're out, and will have a local station that plays Christmas music 24/7 on the radio.

    We live in an aprtment,so we don't have many lights ourselves, but my husband takes strings of all green lights, and fashions a swag, like a real evergreen garland, complete with red lights to look like holly berries, and we hang it from the balcony railing that's off our master bedroom.

    It's pretty cute!

  4. GASP!!!! That is THE most magical gorgeous happy tree I've ever seen lit up!!


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