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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Christmas Traditions Part 5

As a child there weren't many traditions that I am aware of. We went to Grammy and Grandpa Oliver's house and to Grandpa and Grandma Holt's house, and we opened gifts at our house on Christmas Day.

But one tradition that did manage to hang on year after year was the making of the egg nog. My mom makes one good and creamy and cold eggnog (nonalcoholic) that is so good that it is a treat all by itself. You can see it in the punch bowl in the back of the table.

Here's my mom's recipe:(all ingredients should be cold!)
1 gallon of whole milk (hey, it's Christmas!)
6 (or more) pasteurized eggs
3 (or more) cups of sugar
3 T good vanilla
Central Dairy vanilla or egg nog ice cream, semi softened
freshly grated nutmeg

Beat the eggs until frothy. Add in sugar, one cup at a time. Slowly pour in milk and beat until well combined. Taste. Add more eggs and sugar until it meets this year's taste buds. Add 3 T of good vanilla. Taste. Add more if needed.Pour into a punch bowl. Add round scoops of ice all around the punch bowl. Grated nutmeg on top of egg nog. Beat off little kids and get the first cup.

What would you dreadfully miss if it did not appear on your Christmas table?

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  1. In our family, we are very tradionalized! Each Christmas breakfast always includes the breakfast sausage casserole, but the "biggie" is apple crepes. I make the crepes up and store them in the fridge with wax paper between them. I also have fried apples--peel on, thank you very much (lots of butter, cinnamon, and brown sugar) in the fridge. As we open presents, the casserole is baking, the apples are warming in oven, and the creps are coming to room temp. My son would think it the end of the world if we missed any of these! C

  2. Christmas would not be Christmas without my Aunt Belle Chester's Chex mix. Here's is the best ever, period, end of story!

    I also miss it when we don't get a real country ham...those super salty ones that you eat with ham biscuits!


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