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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Christmas Traditions part 1

Christmas traditions are a natural part of everyone's holiday. I am going to share with you what our family's traditions are, how we have managed to preserve them during a time of ups and downs, and how we can adjust them when needed and still feel like our Christmas was just as always!

One of the first holiday traditions in our family is our annual cookie exchange. We hold it on Thanksgiving Day at my MIL's house before we head to wherever the Thanksgiving feast is going to be held. Each of us who is participating brings 6 cookies for each guest who is also participating. So if there are 6 guests participating, you would bring six packages of six cookies. It is important to wrap them creatively in sets of six so that all the guests have to do is to pick up their dozen. We also all bring a dozen to set out and share with everyone. That is the best part!Each guest is to attach the cookie recipe onto the package so we also walk away with recipes, too!

I always send a little email(I used last year) to remind everyone what to do and what to bring. Everyone says it is very helpful to have this at their disposal.

There are years when people can't participate and that's fine. This is one way we can preserve the tradition, but not putting too much pressure on to participate. By having the cookies there for everyone to share, no one feels totally left out. I often take my cookies home, freeze them, and then pull them out for our big company party. It is one less thing for me to think about on that day!

Since I am always the hostess, I always bring a little gift for my participants. I have brought ornaments, tea towels, or a little recipe book. It is fun for me to give the participants something for going through all that work!

I would love to hear how your cookie exchanges go and what new twists you put on them!

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  1. I love the snowman cookies. Great ideas!

  2. I think I'm going to do this this year. Thanks for the idea!


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