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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Christmas Traditions Part 8

Christmas Trees!

I have a thing for Christmas trees... in fact, one year I had thirteen trees in my house! No kidding.

I love themed trees: I have a Christmas card tree, a fashion tree, a snowman tree, a candy/cookie tree, a vacation/travel tree, a nature tree, a "decorator" tree with silver and gold ornaments, an aluminum tree, and an old fashioned tree that I do each year. I have several small trees that I use in bathrooms: a shell tree, a ceramic tree and an earring tree. This year I plan to add a small tree in our laundry room. I found Santa's clothes in the recent Gooseberry Patch catalog and plan to hang them on a small tree with clothespins. Isn't that a cute idea? I stole it from my friend, Ashley!
The mosaic above was put together about four years ago. The tree in the middle and the solid red tree were trees I used at school. I usually decorate four different trees in our office and hallway!

Tell me about your trees....

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  1. My FAVORITE tree in our home is the shoe tree. I saved my kiddo's baby shoes and hang them on this tree. Plus I have my baby shoes and my husbands baby shoes too. It really turns out cute and the older they get, the more precious that tree is to me.

  2. I always love seeing pics of all your trees!!!

  3. Seriously? The laundry room? I'd just like to add room to the laundry! You're a power house!! Bet your house is a ball during the season. :)

  4. Who doesn't love seeing decorated Christmas trees - especially yours! You know I love your card tree!

  5. I love the collage of your Christmas trees. Your home must be bursting with beauty during the holidays. Theme trees sound like fun.
    My family has one large tree decorated with an eclectic assortment of ornaments both old and new, many of them gifts.
    Do you hang a pickle ornament on your tree, and spider ornaments? They have cute stories.
    You know I love Christmas so much I even co-wrote a book about it.


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