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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Christmas Traditions Part 7


Many of my friends and some of my family, do weekend trips to go shopping. Several go to the cities and make a weekend of it, spending the night at a hotel and eating out! What fun! I have never done this but I do think it sounds like a lot of fun.

I have some friends who wait anxiously for the Black Friday ads. They are glued to the internet trying to find out what sales are happening the day after Thanksgiving.

I tend to shop all year, which means that by early November, I am generally done and so if I shop, it is for the pure fun of getting something extra for my family.

Which type are you? Do you save your shopping for a big weekend or do you do a little all year?

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  1. I think I mentioned that I have already started my shopping. However, I am almost certain I spend more this it comes closer to Christmas, I am overwhelmed by that marketing--urge to buy! but what fun! C

  2. I shop all year, too...I am usually mostly through by October, but I do save back some things to get specifically so I can go out among the crazies, and soak in all the vibes!

    I shop alot online...I love looking thorugh catalogs all year long, and keep a large manila envelope in my Christmas notebook to hold pages I tear out, especially for my hard-to-by-for peeps; things that catch my eye as possibilities.

    Towards October, if I haven't already found a perfect gift for them, I start going through that envelope. I will at least have several things to choose from, and even if it isn't anything particularly dazzling, it's something I know they'd be intersted in, or have use for.

  3. I like to do my shopping in December. I actually enjoy the throngs of people at the stores, even the grocery stores! Despite what early shoppers say, I've never had any problem finding what I wanted to buy, and I find the deals closest to Christmas are awesome! For me, it adds to the merriment of the season to be out and about, amidst the hustle and bustle.

  4. I cant WAIT for the black friday excited.

  5. I could start now but must wait for my niece to pull the trigger on decorating! (That would be Kari from Just Living Large...with her skinny self!)

  6. When my list was longer, I shopped all year round. Now that I don't buy for many, I tend to shop in Novemeber and December. I just came across your blog, and will follow. What a wonderful idea you have.


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