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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Challenge 4: I am happy to report...

I am happy to report...

1.  That this has been a happy school year.
2.  That living in our new home is every bit as wonderful as I hoped.
3.  That we will see more of Ashley and Eric at Christmas than we did at Thanksgiving.
4.  That I am no longer in college!
5.  My back and heels are no longer in much pain.
6.  I am a bit less homesick this year than last.
7.  That our new neighborhood loves Christmas as much as I do!
The Beach District in New Town, Saint Charles

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  1. Loving your posts, sweet lady, but...I didn't realize you were having back/heel issues!

  2. Your Christmas is shaping up beautifully and how good you are feeling healthy and enjoying your new home and neighborhood.


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