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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Challenge 12: Places to Go in December

The holiday season isn't complete without parties, trips and events.  This December, my husband and I have packed in a lot of fun places to go.  I hope the weather stays good and the places to go later in the month will still be possible!

1. Christmas Kickoff Celebration in Foristell, Missouri
2. St. Louis Symphony in St. Louis, Missouri
3. New Town Christmas Tree Lighting in Saint Charles, Missouri
4. Cooking class in Saint Charles, Missouri
5. Open House in New Town, Saint Charles, Missouri
6. Manheim Steamroller Concert, St. Louis, Missouri
7. Lennon Sisters Concert, St. Louis, Missouri
8. Dr. appointment in Jefferson City, Missouri
9. Oliver Christmas in Marceline, Missouri
10. Steffes Christmas in Nixa, Missouri
11. Steffes Christmas in Saint Charles, Missouri
12. Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas

I think this is plenty of fun things to do in one single month!  However, it does not include looking at holiday lights in other small towns in the Saint Louis area.  If I added those in, my list might run off the page! 

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