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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Challenge 7: What I will remember about today

I read about our list this morning and was so glad I did.  I spent the day thinking carefully about what I wanted to remember about today.

1.  It was bitter cold outside.
2.  Mizzou lost the SEC championship to Auburn.
3.  The Christmas Tree was lit up by Town Hall for the Christmas season.  It was fun to be with ohter people waiting to see the tree lit up with beautiful colored lights.
4.  The office party for my husband's work was fun and got a darling snowman wax burner.  Now the house smells like cinnamon!

The Lighting of New Town's Christmas Tree

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  1. Well, ya'll did GREAT for your first year in the SEC! Auburn seems like Destiny's Child this year, especially after that Iron Bowl win.


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