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Monday, December 9, 2013

Challenge 9: My favorite accessories/outfits

I am fashion-challenged, which is interesting, since our daughter is a professor of textile and apparel at Indiana University.  I have a sense of what looks good on others, but not on myself.   I also don't like to spend a lot of money on clothing.  I tend to buy from the mass marketers instead of fashion industries.

My favorite outfits and accessories this month are:

1.  a nice black sweat suit.  It is warm and cozy, deep black and looks awesome with my silver snowflake pin and earrings.

2.  a black velvet dress with black leggings.  I like to wear my red poinsettia earrings with it and red shoes with little gold beads on them.

3.  my Christmas pajamas.  I found some I love at Macy's (I was looking there for my daughter) and found some for myself!  It is a flannel nightdress in a lovely Christmas plaid.  My accessories are clean teeth and a great lotion!

4.  I collect Christmas jewelry and have some pieces that I really love.  One is a pair of holly earrings that dangle a bit and are gold.  Another is a brooch, cameo style, of a Christmas tree.  I have an old Hallmark candy cane pin that is shaped into a heart and a pair of candy cane earrings, too.

5.  blue jeans, a Christmas top, fuzzy socks with mules, a warm winter coat and colorful scarves and gloves.

Nothing I have is very costly, and everything I described is over two years old except for the nightdress.  When I find something I love, I make sure to take care of it!

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