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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Challenge 28: Memories Made this Year.

I always love to look back and see how things went... from teaching a lesson in class, or how a staff meeting went, and now, back on the year to see what memories have been made.

Reflection in the pond outside our apartment in 2012

I asked this question of each of my family members the same question. 

Daughter:  Going to New York with Eric, going to Paris for the first time

Son-in-law:  Going to New York with Ashley, my summer internship

Husband:  Building a house, my wife's retirement, my new job as a director at a local college

Me:  Graduating with my doctorate in May, building a house and getting moved in, and announcing my retirement from public education!

2014 will be another good year for our family.  

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  1. You have a nice group of memories as you look ahead to 2014.


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