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Friday, December 27, 2013

Challenge 27: Ways to Unwind

This is an easy challenge for me.  Since my cancer diagnosis and treatment, I have learned how to use my time to destress.  In the last four years, this is the list I have generated that works for me.

1. Reading books for pleasure.
2. Swimming
3. Decorating my new home.
4. Concentrating on a movie.
5. Counting my blessings.
6. Talking on my phone with my daughter, mother, or sister.
7. Blogging.
8. Chatting online with friends.
9. Planning for retirement.
10. Going over the clothes in my closet.
11.  Organizing my desk.
12.  Watching Big Bang Theory and hugging Soft Kitty.
13. Cooking or baking something.
14. Dusting.
15. Sitting on my porch watching the ducks or geese.
16.  Writing letters or notes.
17.  Playing with my dogs.
18.  Walking.
19.  Sipping on hot chocolate.
20.  Getting a facial or massage.
21.  Praying.
22.  Telling or hearing jokes.
23.  Watching cute animal videos.
24.  Traveling to a beach, perferably Hawaii.
25.  Breathing.
26.  Singing or listening to music.
27.  Reading scriptures.
28.  Talking to old friends.
29.  Taking a drive in a convertible.
30.  Getting a manicure or a pedicure.


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