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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Homes Tour

Our area is having a Christmas Homes Tour today and we are on it!  It has been fun and a teeny bit stressful getting ready for the event.  Last night we did a pre-tour of the homes since we will be at our own home with our guests.

These photos were highlights of the homes we toured.  That being said, some homes were so wonderful that I stood in awe and forgot to take photos!

I will be posting pictures of our home later this week in a blog home tour.  Stay tuned!

Love the Elsa stocking!

Wreath made by the hostess.  Fabulous colors.  My photo #7

This tree is fabulous in person.  It twinkles, moves, and the ornaments sing, move, dance, an amazing tree!

LOL, so true of our dogs, too!!

A dog tree!  Maybe next year??
So much talent in our beautiful new urbanist community.  Proud to be a part of this tour!

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  1. Beautiful homes!! Looking forward to seeing yours!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  2. The doggy tree is adorable. Looking forward to seeing your home.

  3. Had never seen a dog tree before!


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