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Friday, July 31, 2009

Creative Christmas Wrappings

I love Christmas presents (are you surprised?)!

I really like to be creative with wrapping although I don't get many chances to with the things my family puts on their Christmas list these days!

My friend Robyn once sent me the most darling gift for my daughter in a tin paint can that she had decorated with a Christmas theme. It was so much fun we saved it and used it for a decoration for years.

Once I put undies and socks into one sock, then used the other sock to tie around the top which made it look like a bow! The present was cute but the recipient didn't think the packaging was enough to take away the fact that the gift was undies.

Of course we did the cute thing of wrapping a small gift into graduated sizes of boxes so that it took forever to get the gift. It wasn't necessarily unique, but it was a lot of fun!

For a really big gift, like the biggest gift you are giving, I think it is way fun to do a scavenger hunt for it. After all, it is a BIG gift and a scavenger hunt is a great way to draw out the suspense!

I have wrapped gifts in holiday towels (that I picked up for a song the day after Christmas!) and made a cute "bow" from a washcloth. If I remember correctly, I did this for one of my niece's after she was married.

Another thing we like to do is to use silver, gold and berry for the gifts that go under the main tree. Downstairs we use more traditional papers, Walt Disney for MY family and Santa Claus for Mr. CTL's family. It is very easy to sort our gifts once we know which paper goes where!

Again, looking for ideas, share them with us all!

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  1. I love decorating presents. Some years I get very elaborate - like making a miniture sleigh out of popsicle sticks and strips of leather. I've written words like "JOY" and "NOEL" on top of presents using pipe cleaners and hot glue, I've made little wreaths out of green and red yard, I've made Christmas trees on top of gifts using springs of artificial evergreens that have fallen off of old garland. I decorate those flat trees with bits and bobs that I find at the bottom of my decorating tub. Ahhhh, Christmas. I can feel the spirit coming over me now at just the thought of the smiles and laughter. :)


  2. One of my favorite wrappings is plain kraft paper tied with a deep green or deep red raffia or ribbon with springs of greenery, berries, and cinnamon sticks tucked in!

  3. Hi!!! Granny Skywalker (Kari) sent me over and I had to come because of the name. I live near Fresno, CA and we have a 100 year old Christmas Tree Lane here. I love the idea of this and think it's great! Can't wait to pop in and read your ideas, recipes, etc. LOVE this. Maybe this year I'll be ready if I start now, with you! :)


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