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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Christmas Banners

When I say Christmas banners what I am speaking of are those adorable banners you hang on a fireplace or a bookshelf, not the ones that go onto a blog! I want to show you how to make one of these lovely decorating pieces the easy peasy way!

Does this ever happen to you: while I was looking and gathering the materials for the banner, I stopped and cleaned out my craft closet. Yep, that's right, I took over a large closet for my craft room. Not enough room to do many projects at once, but just enough to do a few things! So anyway....

I found a cute piece of ribbon several feet long. You will want it to be 12-24 inches longer than the width of where you plan to place it, so you can have a dip effect. (why am I suddenly thinking of ice cream?? oh yea, I said dip. It takes so little to distract me sometimes.)

I cut a cute end and knotted it about 2" from the end, to create a small visual effect (and to allow you to slip the knots over nails if you are so lucky to already have them in place.)

Now the easy peasy part. Use the handmade cards you receive in the mail to be the actual banners. You can put letters on the cards if you wish... or, just let the cards be the banner part.

I am going to use painted clothespins to hold the cards, but I am sure many of you will leave your ideas when you leave a comment about the banners! I sure hope so! The picture shows using a clip and just a few cards but I hope you get the idea. I have always wanted a special place for those handmade cards and tags people make for me. Now I do!

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  1. Cute idea!!! Maybe I will have to do that with all of my GLU cards this year!!! :-)

  2. Oh my, my lovely niece Sissy (Kari at Just Living Large) advised me to come have a I glad I listen to her advice so are a treasure that I will be examining often! Putting you on my blogroll girl!

  3. You're always full of innovative ideas!

    I do something similar ~ I affix my cards from ribbons onto Christmas garland that I swag along my stairway banister railing. It makes an adorable and eyecatching display as guests enter and exit our home!

  4. Love the banner idea. Where and how to display received Christmas cards has always been an issue for us.

  5. I have saved my Christmas cards for years. This would be a great way to pull them out and use them as decorations!

    Love your new blog.

  6. Cute idea, girl! I've been hanging mine off the garland around our windows/patio doors.


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