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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Christmas Notebooks

I know that Christmas Notebooks have been around a long time... I started mine in 1977 when I got married! I have always loved Christmas and I have always wanted to preserve the best of what I have done. My dear husband, Mr. CTL (Christmas Tree Lane) has always encouraged me to do so.

My notebook has evolved several times in 32 years! I started out with a red spiral notebook that lasted a few years. As you might have suspected, it began to fall apart and get dingy. I switched to a red plastic one inch three ring notebook that lasted much longer but eventually needed to be switched because it wasn't big enough!! I have another plastic notebook, with these cute pockets for displaying photos. I love it!

My notebook has several sections:

Holiday Letters

Home Tours



Cleaning Schedule

Gifts Received and Given

Holiday Decor over the Years

*new* Crafts to Make

My notebook is about three inches thick and probably needs to be divided, as having a larger notebook would become cumbersome. My Holiday Letter section has our holiday letters we have sent out over the years and a sample of the card we sent. The Homes Tours is a section devoted to the Home Tour our house was on several years ago, Parties has the work list and grocery list for the large party we have for Mr. CTL's staff at Christmas, Recipes, yep, the recipes we use, Cleaning Schedule, developed over the years from various places, Gifts Received and Given, lists of gifts we have given and received, Holiday Decor over the Years are photographs of how we decorated, and the new section, Crafts, is because I need a place to organize all those cute things to do out there!

I always learn new things out in blogland, so let me know if you have a notebook and have posted on it. I would love to come and read it!

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  1. LOVE, love, love, your Christmas blog Terri. I got the link off the comment you posted on Judy's blog. Looking forward to reading all your posts and also checking out the other blog links on your list. Thanks for a wonderful kickoff spot for my Christmas addiction. I have to confess to playing some Christmas music the past couple weeks. I usually take a spell in July *blush*

  2. I have yet to make a Christmas Journal - this is going to be the year! I do have letters that I've written to Santa over the years...

  3. WOW!! WOW!! WOW!!!! I can smell Christmas!!! Thanks Tanya for sending me this addy!! What a great blog!!

  4. Hi Terri! I also have a Christmas Notebook but mine wasn't started until about 2 years ago. I have many sections in mine. I'll be doing a post soon about it with pictures! Love your blog!

  5. I love looking back on all my Christmas journals...thank you for sharing yours!!

    LOVE your Christmas blog, Terri!!

  6. I had great intentions of starting a Christmas notebook last year, but got too busy too fast and just didn't get it done. But I have all the stuff together so hopefully, I'll get it done this year. I need the organization this notebook would give me, that's for sure!



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