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Monday, July 26, 2021

Christmas Trends for 2021

It's time to start the holiday season for 2021!  I always like this time of year, because I start thinking of what I want to do to have a wonderful Christmas season for my family and friends.  I want to share with you what I am finding out in the world of the internet for what will be hot this Christmas!

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Nature Inspired Christmas

Although this has been a trend for a while now, it continues.  That's just fine with me because I think Christmas actually starts in nature, with softly falling snow, crackling fire, lightly scented pines bending in the breeze.  Here is what else you might find:

  • Browns and terra cotta colors
  • Nature-inspired scents (instead of snickerdoodle and peppermint)
  • Succulent wreaths
  • Linens and wooden decor items

Monochrome Palettes

With the deep grays being so popular at the moment, you may see some very beautiful monochrome palettes being shared.  Think black and white, grays, silver, and gold, pretty rose golds fading to bronze.  With this comes more lights, the smaller the better, and the more the merrier!  I fully expect to see moody blues with accents of gold ( and maybe even some creams and neutrals.

DIY Starts to Shine

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DIY will be a big winner this year and my favorite bet is macrame!  I saw a macrame star that was gorgeous that will definitely hit the DIY scene this year.  More sustainable DIY gift wraps will be made as well, such as reuseable scarves, boxes, and bags.

Unique Gift Giving

House plants will be big, as well as all the accessories that go with them: watering cans, stands, and pots.  Subscription boxes will be popular as well, like this one from PaperCrates. It's a monthly card-making box with everything you need to make the cards. The designs are always terrific.  Just for our readers, you can get 15% off this gift by using the gift code SANTA15 with your order!

Consider giving your gifts early, as there are some fabulous Advent calendars out there that would make fun gifts.


Cheeseboards will be a big deal for entertaining this year, but be sure to order yours early.  Or better yet, take a look at my ideas here and make your own!  Home baking will be in full swing, so be collecting recipes as you go.  Look at my Pinterest account to get you started!  I am going to be hosting a Netflix movie-watching night with a group of girlfriends who live all over the USA.  I am going to be using the app Teleparty to get it organized.  It's going to be a hoot!

Know of a trend you suspect is coming?  Share it with all of us in the comments!

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