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Friday, November 7, 2014

Christmas Book Review: A New York Christmas by Anne Perry

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions and one of mine is to find new Christmas stories to read each season.  This title, A New York Christmas by Anne Perry, was released November 4, 2014.  The following is a synopsis from Amazon:

The year is 1904. Twenty-three-year-old Jemima Pitt, the daughter of Thomas Pitt, head of Britain’s Special Branch, is crossing the Atlantic. She is traveling with an acquaintance, Delphinia Cardew, who is to marry the aristocratic Brent Albright in a high-society New York wedding—a grand affair that will join together two fabulously wealthy families, titans of the international financial world.

But Jemima senses a mysterious shadow darkening the occasion. Missing from the festivities is Delphinia’s mother, Maria, who is marked by disgrace. Nearly sixteen years ago, Maria abandoned young Delphinia and disappeared—and now the Albrights refuse to mention her name. But when Harley, the groom’s charismatic brother, asks Jemima to help him search for Maria and forestall the scandal that would surely follow if the prodigal parent turned up at the wedding, she agrees to assist him.

From Hell’s Kitchen to Fifth Avenue, the Lower East Side to Central Park, Jemima trudges through strange, snowy streets, asking questions but getting few answers—and never suspecting that she is walking into mortal danger, from which not even a handsome young police officer named Patrick Flannery may be able to protect her.

My take: Anne Perry stayed true to the era, police procedures seemed to be true of the time and place.  The characters are richly developed and it is evident through the writing that the author cares for her characters.  The story is less about the Christmas holiday and more about the spirit of Christmas.  For me, I would have liked a little more about the season in her descriptions.  However, it is a delightful read for the holiday and if you are a who-dun-it reader, you will find this novella rewarding.

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  1. I love Christmas stories - I'll have to check that one out! Thanks for stopping by. I couldn't email you directly because you came up as "no reply". Enjoy your weekend!


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