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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Choosing Christmas Cards

Every year I go through hundreds of cards trying to find the card that best expresses my sentiment for the holidays.  I generally save some photos for just that purpose.  I love receiving photo cards and I especially enjoy saving them to enjoy over the years.

I absolutely love ordering from Vistaprint and have had several cards made from their styles.  I have also enjoyed Tiny Prints as well.  Both offer quality papers and photos and have many styles to choose from.

A few years ago I asked a local artist to sketch my house and I used that as a card.  I loved that card and have a copy of it framed in my house. I also had an artist I met through blogging do a sketch of my tree.  Iove that piece, too, as it has my great grandmother's chair in it!

Painted by Fifi

Sketched by Marj Watson

Since I have moved in the past year, I am thinking about going the route of the sketch of my home, but instead of making foldable cards, I am thinking of how I might be able to use Vistaprint or Tiny Prints to make it into one of their cards.

I'll be pondering this for awhile, but in the meantime, I have purchased my stamps and the return address labels.  I love the stamps this year, so many options!

I have ordered ink for my favorite pen, and when the time is right, I will be addressing Christmas cards with my pretty pen, with my favorite hot chocolate and Christmas music (or maybe the Hallmark channel!) playing in the background.

I'd love to hear about your Christmas card traditions.  Do you think it is a dying art?  Do you get less and less cards over the year?  My husband and I do a Christmas blog each year instead of the annual letter, but with Facebook, so much of what we would share is already been posted.  I have to remember, though that not all my contacts are on Facebook, so I should go ahead and share this way as well.  Good to remember!

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  1. I love choosing Christmas cards too! I like to buy charitable ones but sometimes I prefer other designs and often as little as 10p actually goes to charity! So I now find a design I like, then buy a sheet of stickers from 'The National Brain Appeal' and stick them on the back of each card. 100% profit of the stickers go to charity and I can choose the design I really want.

    Happy Christmassing!

  2. My Christmas card always has some version of the three wise men on the front. I've collected about 35 of them over the years and keep them in a photo album. The artwork varies from gorgeous to funny to sweet. I used to send them out but rarely do anymore. I donate the extras. It's my little tradition, and the hunt for my three kings card each year makes me happy!


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