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Monday, December 6, 2010

JYC Day 6

 Christmas memories...

Christmas is a special time for Bob and me.  It was a time to make our little girl's dreams come true.  We liked surprising each other, even when times were hard.  I take great joy in the Christmases of the past, as it relates to our gifts for one another, the memories we made for our daughter and the joy we had in decorating our home.

circa 1958
 Last Christmas was a tough one.  I had just gone through a double mastectomy and a hysterectomy.   Bob's dad, Giles and his uncle Amos had passed away in August.  It was our first Christmas without them.  We missed their big voices at church.  We missed their jolly laughter.  We missed them.

I have recovered from cancer, and although we still miss Bob's dad, we still love our Christmas.  We helped Bob's mom put up a Christmas tree because we thought she needed the joy in her life.  We are working hard at restoring our life before cancer.

This Christmas has started out well!  I am back to going to my parties and fun.  We are hosting three events at our house.  The house is full of presents, trees, cheer and love. 

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  1. O My! I just read about your cancer! I hope all is well with you now. Those were serious major surgeries.
    I too am a cancer survivor but I did not have to go through all that you did.
    My prayers are and always will be with you.

    Debbie@ A Debbie-Dabble Christmas


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