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Sunday, December 5, 2010

JYC Day 5

Adventkranz (liturgisch)Advent.

The countdown to Christmas.  I have owned several kinds of advent calendars, ones you buy from Hallmark with the little doors that open to reveal little verses or pictures, the ones that dispense chocolates and ones that you add  little candy canes to and then eat your way to Christmas.

Bob and I have advent candles and a wreath.  We love lighting the candles each week.  We love watching the candles get lit at church each week.  I have always had a cheap little wire advent candle holder.  One day I hope to find something nicer.

My friend Tammy sent me the cutest advent countdown I have ever seen.  It is a English village, and each time you click on it you see a different part of the village come to life.    On my computer screen it looks like a snow globe!  And, it won't let you cheat!

Check it out Digital Advent Calendar.
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