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Monday, July 11, 2022

Garden Plate Flower

Christmas in July has begun and I am going to entice you to start making Christmas gifts NOW so that you can enjoy the holiday without a lot of stress.  These Christmas Plate Flowers are so easy to make and so showy in your garden.

Participants in this blog hop include:

Beverly | Across the Blvd

The Plate flower is easy to make.  

First, you want to pick out a dinner plate that will be the background art to your creation.

Then you will want to choose plates, bowls, or interesting pieces to stack on top of the dinner plate.

Next, you will glue them all together using silicone.

Let's get down to details using mine to understand the process.

Supplies Needed:

silicone (the kind that looks like caulk and you will want a caulking gun, too)

Ceramic ware of your choosing, but at least a dinner plate, saucer, and bowl.  I find mine at Goodwill or garage sales.

2" unglazed tiles (link is to give you an example, it does not indicate a sponsorship.)

decorative glass, metal, ceramic, or other items 

copper rod approximate 36" long. 

Stack the plates the way you want.  Then disassemble the stack and place in piles to start the gluing process.  Start with the dinner plate.  Make sure the plate is clean and dry, and that any labels are removed.

Using the silicone, glue the decorative items on the plate, then glue one of the tiles in the center of the plate.  Use a generous amount of silicone and make sure it sticks, but don't push down too hard.  Let there be a cushion of silicone between the tile and the plate.

Next, glue on any decorative pieces on the next sized plate, add a tile, and repeat the above directions.  Do not glue a tile on the last dish.

Continue doing so until all the decorative pieces are glued on.

On the large plate's tile, add a generous amount of silicone and set the next-sized plate on top.  Wiggle the plate around until you feel like the silicone has a good grip on the plate.  Continue adding silicone to the tiles and stacking until the last piece.  

Look from all sides to see that the plates are level.  You may have to do this a few times.

Once the piece is dry (at least 48 hours) use silicone to glue a salt shaker upside down on the back of the large plate. The hole of the salt shaker should be large enough for a 1" rod to be inserted. Let dry for 48 hours.

Place the rod in the garden you want your plate flower to live in, then place the rod into the salt shaker.  You now have a gorgeous plate flower that blooms all year!

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  1. Wow, this is quite creative and a unique looking garden art piece, Terri! And a pretty way to dress up the home for Christmas!

  2. This is such a cute idea. I will keep it in mind for the holidays. I love the colors.

  3. All of these pieces are so pretty. These would be perfect for my holiday tablescape.

  4. It is a great idea to start making holiday gifts in July! Your garden plate is perfect!

  5. I would love this in my garden! I had some Christmas plates that would've been awesome for this, but I donated them to GoodWill not to long ago.

  6. This is so cool and pretty. I will have to look for the perfect plates to make this.

  7. This is such a creative idea! It's so cute. It would be perfect where I live because it's so warm at Christmas. Pinned!
    Happy hopping!

  8. That really does look Christmassy. It's such a great idea. I think my daughters would love to help me jazz up out Christmas crockery.

  9. That's really cute, and also I couldn't agree more with the sentiment that it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts!

  10. This is such a really great and very cute idea! I’m gonna take note of this!

  11. It's beautiful to have Christmas thoughts in July. It's a little bit strange but it's a lot of fun!

  12. This is a fun idea. I bet you feel proud when you've finished too. :)

  13. Pretty and festive design . Thank you!

  14. This looks so pretty and perfect for Christmas 😍 Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea 🙂 Love it!

    Everything Enchanting ❤️

  15. These are such lovely dishes and I need some like these. I will have to check these out!

  16. I need to start watching sales and shopping for Christmas now. I'm a stickler for paying cash so I have to work it into my budget.

  17. Christmas is my favorite time of year and those plates are pretty. I will have to check them out. -LYNNDEE

  18. That is looking wonderful and what an great idea. This would be nice paired with a similar themed tablescape.

  19. Yay finally reading your posts... I'm behind so will have fun for awhile reading them. Nice idea

  20. How fun! What a great idea to use plates this way. Happy to have you joining the blog hop, Terri.


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