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Monday, July 18, 2022

2022 Christmas Trends plus Christmas Planner Reviews

 For the 2022 Christmas season, we are going to see some fun trends that will inspire a whole new generation of people who love Christmas!  These trends are youthful and fun, some sophisticated, and some traditional. Let's get started.

Christmas Trends

1.  Coastal Love

This one has been around for a long while, but there is a good reason for that: it is timeless, beautiful, and inspirational.  Look for the color schemes of milk and cream, chocolate and sand, metallics, and the best ocean blues.  Evidence that this is trending for this year is the Hallmark ornament I ordered for our wedding anniversary!

2.   Botanicals

Botanicals have been everywhere so it is no surprise to see them show up in Christmas decor.  What might this look like?   Evergreen spheres with twinkle lights in bowls, bayberry leaf wreaths,  boxwood wreaths with no adornments, simple olive and bay leaf garlands with white lights.  Expect to see some botanical leaf ornaments and for a DIY, consider making a concrete leaf bowl for pretty ornaments for your table or gift giving!

3.   Neons

When you think of neons for Christmas, think of funky and retro, or even the bright bright world of gaming!  Let those colors be your inspiration!  Look for old-fashioned neon lighting, hot pinks and turquoise blues, and bright orange, and let your imagination take you away!  Look at this darling tree found at Walmart!

 4. Professional Lighting

Create unique holiday lighting decor by using professionals like Blingle.  Professional lighting can distinguish your home from the others by creating lighting that highlights the unique features of your home, such as gables or doorways.  Using professionals to install the lighting is the safest way, too.  They know their way around a ladder!

Hopefully, these Christmas trends will inspire you to think outside of the box a little bit, or even refresh your existing, traditional ornaments.  Have fun making a concrete bowl for yourself or even a little gift-giving!

Christmas Planners

Every year I reach out to some of my favorite Etsy shops to see what might be available to you in the world of planners.  Two shops were excited to share their planners with you and to offer you a discount code for ordering one!  Read on to see which one will help you with planning your perfect Christmas this year.

1.  Christmas Planner #1.  

This planner is an extensive planner for Christmas.  It is a printable, instantly downloadable planner that you can have immediately!  This planner is from the Etsy shop of PlannerMomCompany and she describes her planner like this:

If you’re a person who is struggling with feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for the holidays ahead, then our printable holiday planner is going to make your day! Designed with busy individuals in mind, it contains all areas of Christmas planning in one spot and organizes your days, weeks, and months for you (because we know that sometimes the stress of planning for a holiday can take out the joy that it’s supposed to bring).

Perfect for busy women, this Christmas planner is both detailed and fun to ensure that you don’t miss a beat (or gift!) while still enjoying the holiday season even while planning.

And the best news!  You can purchase this for a 50% savings by using the coupon code XMAS22!  You can choose sizes and look at the pages you will get:

Cover page
• Helpful holiday tips
• 25 days of Christmas activities
• Christmas books to read checklist
• Christmas shows to watch checklist
• Christmas movies to watch checklist
• Christmas song playlist
• Christmas family tradition checklist
• Elf on the Shelf planner
• Christmas travel planner
• Master to do list
• October to do list
• November to do list
• December to do list
• 2 page categorized Christmas budget overview
• 2 page blank Christmas budget overview
• Christmas gift budget
• Christmas food budget
• Christmas decor budget
• Christmas party budget
• Christmas photo budget
• Christmas miscellaneous budget
• Christmas budget
• 4 Christmas savings tracker coloring pages
• Christmas outfit planner
• Christmas card list
• Christmas craft planner
• Christmas event tracker
• Gift list rough draft
• Master gift list
• Pre-filled stocking stuffer idea list
• Blank stocking stuffer idea list
• Neighbor gift list
• Charity gift list
• Teacher gift list
• Co-worker gift list
• Friend gift list
• Family gift list
• Spouse gift planner
• Spouse stocking stuffers
• Child gift planner
• Child stocking stuffers
• Christmas Eve box planner
• Christmas wish list
• Handmade gift planner
• Black Friday plan
• Cyber Monday plan
• Online order tracker
• Dear Santa letter outline
• Wrapping checklist
• Cleaning supply checklist
• 2 page Christmas cleaning checklist
• Pre-filled weekly cleaning schedule
• Blank weekly cleaning schedule
• Outdoor decor inventory and storage tracker
• Indoor decor inventory and storage tracker
• Christmas tree decor inventory and storage tracker
• 5 pages of Christmas Decor storage labels
• Decorating planner
• Christmas tree planner
• Kitchen inventory tracker
• Christmas meal plan
• Christmas cooking schedule
• Christmas dishes to make
• Christmas treats to bake
• Christmas cooking / baking supply list
• Categorized grocery list
• Blank grocery list
• Christmas recipe
• Christmas party planner
• Party invite list
• Party guest list
• Christmas Eve planner
• Christmas Day planner
• October calendar
• November calendar
• December calendar
• Daily planner with times
• Daily planner without times
• Weekly planner
• Christmas bucket list checklist
• Christmas to-do list
• Christmas brain dump
• Christmas notes
• Christmas written memories
• October photo memories

2. Christmas Planner #2

The second planner I found is from Marmalade Print Company, also from Etsy.  It has over 60 pages to help you plan effectively for the holiday season.  

This Ultimate Christmas Planner was created with a busy individual in mind! If you are a person who struggles with feeling overwhelmed or just want to be more organized during the holidays, this planner is for YOU! The goal of this planner is to make sure you are spending time with who matters most this holiday season. To tackle the tasks a little bit at a time, this planner is broken down into monthly tasks.

This planner is perfect for the busy person with a minimalist design. It is detailed enough for you to crush your goals but also fun so you enjoy the planning process!

Owner Ashley is offering 10% off with the code ChristmasPlans.

• Cover page
• Nine section cover pages
• October Checklist and calendar
• November Checklist and calendar
• December Checklist and calendar
• Holiday Goals and Projects
• Brain Dump and Notes from Last Year
• Master To do List
• Weekly Agenda
• Weekly To do List
• Travel Plans
• Master Chore List
• Christmas Hourly Schedule
• 30 Days of Giving Challenge
• Gift Master List
• Family Gift Ideas
• Individual Gift Planner and Stocking Stuffers
• My Wish List
•Hand Made Christmas Gift Planner
• Budget Overview and Detailed Budget
• Online Order Tracker
• Shopping List
• Black Friday / Cyber Monday Planner
• Christmas Card List
• Portrait and Card Planner
• Family Portrait Planner
• Décor Inventory and Décor Storage Inventory
• Christmas Crafts
• Christmas Recipe Planner
• Baking Planner
• Recipe Overview and Recipe Card
• Christmas Menu
• Christmas Party Plan
• Christmas Bucket List
• Family Holiday Traditions
• Elf on the Shelf Planner
• Christmas Memories
• Reflection
• Notes Page

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  1. This got me excited about Christmas! Thank you for the planning kit. There is lots I need to do. And I love the neon decor!

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  9. It's crazy how busy Christmas time is that we need planners solely dedicated to the holiday. Totally worth it!

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