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Monday, December 13, 2021

Easy Roll Out Gingerbread Cookies

These delicious cookies are soft and chewy, don't need chill time, and don't spread in the oven. What kind of magical stuff is this???

Well, for one, it's NOT a true gingerbread cookie.  It's a molasses cookie and that means you can do a bunch of shortcuts.  Molasses is the secret here, so if you don't like molasses, you probably won't like this cookie.

The other thing about this cookie is that the flavors develop over time.  This cookie isn't at its peak until a few minutes out of the oven.  It's not a "eat it warm" cookie at all.  That's ok though because when the flavors do develop (in about 20 minutes) this is one outstanding cookie.

These cookies last about a week on the countertop.  You can freeze them for up to three months.  Mine never last that long. My family even likes them frozen!

Here are the hostesses this month:

🍪🎄Beverly | Across the Blvd
🍪🎄Gail | Purple Hues and Me
🍪🎄Joanne | Slices of Life
🍪🎄Terri | Christmas Tree Lane

🍪🎄Julie | Sum of Their Stories

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  1. I love finding shortcuts for baking. These look cute and since I like molasses, they sound tasty to me.

  2. Your gingerbread cookies look quite yummy and delicious, Terri! And they make great treats for gift-giving, too!

  3. I love anything that's a baking shortcut! This recipe would be perfect for making our gingerbread houses out of since it doesn't spread. Pinned.

  4. Best gingerbread cookies ever. Soft and delicious!


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