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Thursday, December 9, 2021

A Picture of Christmas Book Review

 There is nothing like a great holiday book to get you in the mood for some Christmas cheer!  I love to read books about the holidays particularly when I am in the holidays and if you are like me, go and get this book, you will love it.


Rhett Bradley’s home for the holidays, but it’s not by choice. Faced with a potential backward step at his company in Seattle, he’s forced to take time off, but somehow being back in Winter, Montana isn’t the dead end he was expecting.

Olive Fitzsimons has a secret email friend who’s made her new job at the mayor’s office bearable. Still, putting her true passions aside for the political hubbub in Winter hasn’t been a step in the right direction for her. Sure, she can make her rent payments, but is she happy?

As Rhett and Olive continue to run into each other in the small town amid holiday festivals and sparkling Christmas lights, their once fiery opposition starts to settle into something more. But Olive’s interest in her email friend has grown into a crush and Rhett will be leaving Winter in the New Year, won’t he?

Join the familiar cast of characters in Winter, Montana as the community joins together in the spirit of Christmas where hearts soften and a kiss between opposites is the perfect holiday miracle.

My take:

A Picture of Christmas is a great start to the holiday season, but there is no bad time to read this book. I am new to this author and I know I will be looking for even more books by her.  I am a small-town girl by nature, I grew up in a small town in NorthCentral Missouri that I adore so I can say that I felt a strong connection to Winter, Montana.  I related well with Olive and her struggle to make business using her creative talents.  Rhett was a great hero in my book, and I especially liked the email conversations between the two of them.  Did anyone else get vibes from "You've Got Mail?"  I love how genuine the characters seem, two that I would like to see in future books.  

This is the last book in a series of four, so get all four and read them all!  I am an Amazon Affiliate, so if you order from this link, I make a commission.

You've got to read this and let me know what you think!

The author:

Bell Renshaw is a pen name for Emilie Haney. She has always loved books and the power of a good story. Books under Bell's name tend to be filled with sweet romance and happy endings.

Connect with Emilie on her website:

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