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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Trees on Parade 2017

Join me on a lovely parade of Christmas trees from Blogland!  You will see an amazing amount of beautiful trees, all from blogs that I love.  Each blog will offer tips for decorating a tree as well, featured in italics so it is easily found!

Decorating tip:  Put ornaments on in layers, some toward the back, some on the tips of the branches!

Last year I focused on the tree in my daughter's room and you can revisit it here.  This year, I am showing you my living room tree. This year my Christmas tree is very different than the past.  I used my same tree, but instead of pulling out all the ornaments, I chose to focus on just the ornaments that I have gathered from our various travels.  This means over 500 ornaments are very lonely and confused in our basement.  It was a hard decision, and one that I may yet change my mind about.  The reason I focused on these ornaments is that our family has decided to spend Christmas in Cabo San Lucas.  Yes, another real deviation from the norm here at our house.

Why all this change?  Our family is in that unique spot where at the moment, there aren't any young children in it, we are all gainfully employed, and this could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore another culture at Christmas.  We decided to go for it, let's just hope I don't get super homesick!

Here's the tree!!

My favorite tip for decorating a tree is to make sure that it is in front of a window!  That way it becomes both inside and outside decorating!!

Here are some of my favorite ornaments:

When I select an ornament as a souvenir, I try to make sure that it is authentic to the area that it came from!  I know the first two are pretty easy to guess where they are from, but any guesses on the bottom two?

Check out the trees from around Blogland and enjoy!  Please leave a comment if you go and visit, to show your appreciation of all their work!

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  1. Your tree is beautiful. We don't have a front window for ours, but it's in direct line of our front door, so when the door is open, it shines through the glass door.

    1. That's perfect!! Thank you for the nice comments about the tree!

  2. Wow, your tree is so beautiful. I love it! Those ornaments are super adorable too!

  3. Your tree is gorgeous, Terri! We haven't had time to put ours up yet, but seeing yours is inspiring me. Your ornaments are very special.

  4. I think your trees are beautifully unique! Changing it up when the kids grow up can be very rewarding and Christmas is usually one of the rare times of the year when the whole family can get together.

  5. Oh these are beautiful. Our tree was up...but now half of the lights are out. UGH!! So we are having to undecorate and take down the lights, they are old so we got new ones but such a mess this year.

  6. What a beautiful tree! And oh my goodness, 500 ornaments?! I thought I had a lot! I went with ornaments that mean something this year, the special ones my fiancé or parents have bought me rather than a colour scheme like I have in years gone by!

  7. So pretty love how you decorated your tree. It looks so nice and wow 500 ornaments that is so nice.

  8. I love that your tree has so many decorations from places you have visited. Great memories when you look at each one.

  9. I love the idea of a travel tree. :)

  10. I absolutely LOVE the travel theme! Tea pot from England? I'll definitely have to do a better job at getting ornament souvenirs in the future!

  11. Lovely tree! I love ornaments that have meaning for each of us


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