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Saturday, December 9, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Day 9: DIY Wreath

Christmas wreaths are so much a part of the Christmas season that I cannot imagine what it looked like before they were so popular.  My all time favorite wreath is the simple evergreen wreath with a beautiful bow. They are appropriate anywhere and everywhere. The look is timeless and elegant.

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My favorite tutorial for making your own evergreen wreath is here. Nikki walks you through the steps and has great tips for making the wreath beautiful.  The wreath is inexpensive and the wire wreath investment can be reused year after year.  What I have been doing lately is purchasing a premade evergreen wreath at a low end tree shop and then replace the cheesy bow with a homemade one.  I never spend more than $20 for my real wreath and I love the classic and elegant look.

Pick out your ribbons and make your bow. I don't make a lot of loops.
Make the number of loops you want.
Make your center loop and secure with a florist wire.
Wire the bow onto the wreath.  
Add a wire to the back of the wreath to use for hanging.
Fluff the ribbon.

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  1. I love your bow, burlap and plaid are two of my favorite ribbons especially at Christmas time. Your wreath is beautiful.

  2. I love this wreath. It's so simple but stylish. Plus I love the print of plaid that the bow has.

  3. This wreath is beautiful!! I love wreathes, but I've never made my own before! I actually didn't put ours up this year and I must say I'm missing it. I may have to go back up to the loft to get it out!

  4. I was planning on getting a pre-made wreath this year but I really like your wreath, so I'm going for DIY wreath. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  5. So many great wreaths to try. We need an updated holiday wreath bad! Thank you so much for the great DIY and so many great options to choose from.

  6. What a gorgeous wreath! I've really been wanting a cute wreath like this, so I think I will make own like this for myself!

  7. This looks quite easy to make and I think I would nail it on the first try. It is elegant and classic indeed.

  8. The burlap is awesome, I love the simplicity of the bow on the evergreen.


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