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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Welcome to Christmas in July, 2017

Welcome back to Christmas Tree Lane for Christmas in July!  After being quiet for a few months following Christmas, it is time for us to start getting back on the Christmas trail.

I have a confession to make.

We aren't celebrating Christmas at home this year.

That's right. My family and I have decided to celebrate in Cabo San Lucas this year and that means a whole lot of different planning.  I will share a long the way.

Until then, though, I want to celebrate with you for Christmas in July!  Every Wednesday I will post some fun things to do and fun recipes to try to help you celebrate on July 25. I don't know a lot of people who celebrate this holiday, so I celebrate it on my own.  AND I have a wonderful time doing it.

First off, check out these movies this month from  I am giddy with excitement over all the choices!

Saturday, July 15th
9a/8c: A Rose for Christmas
11a/10c: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas
1/12c: A Christmas Detour
3/2c: Looks Like Christmas
5/4c: The Mistletoe Promise
7/6c: A December Bride
9/8c: The Christmas Cure - A World Premiere Original

Tuesday, July 18th
2/1c: Let It Snow
4/3c: 12 Gifts of Christmas
6/5c: A Heavenly Christmas
8/7c: Sleigh Bells Ring

Thursday, July 20th
2/1c: Christmas Land
4/3c: Christmas Cookies
6/5c: A Wish for Christmas
8/7c: Looks Like Christmas

Sunday, July 23rd
9a/8c: I'm Not Ready for Christmas
11a/10c: Sleigh Bells Ring
1/12c: Christmas Incorporated
3/2c: A Dream of Christmas
5/4c: A Heavenly Christmas
7/6c: Every Christmas Has a Story
9/8c: My Christmas Love

My favorite activity for Christmas in July is to make Christmas cookies (usually one I am considering for my Christmas Cookie Exchange) and hot chocolate and what one of these movies that I have recorded!

Do you have a favorite movie from this list?

Would you like to comment?

  1. Whoever came up with Christmas in July is a genius. I am one of those people who listens to Christmas music all year long, so I love the half year celebration!!

  2. Happy Christmas in July to you, Terri! I am celebrating on my Christmas blog!

  3. OMG It is totally my dream to go somewhere for Christmas, mostly because my family already lives in another country and it would be a great way to get together! Hope your batch of cookies turn out lovely! I had Christmas Tea this morning

  4. I didn't realize When Calls the Heart had a Christmas movie! I've been watching it on Netflix a bit but missed this past season. Good to know! Happy Christmas in July!

  5. Who would of known you could celebrate Christmas in July! I love watching Christmas movies, baking cookies and sitting by the fire.

  6. I printed out the Hallmark CIJ movie schedule a few weeks ago and have it laying on my stitching table. I plan to record them all and then stitch as fast as my fingers will go to finish the stockings I'm making this year!

  7. I love Hallmark movies. I have watched almost if not all of these movies. I look forward to seeing the new one that is premiering next Saturday.

  8. Celebrating Christmas on holidays is definitely different! But still fun! All my family are going to different places this year so we aren't having our annual christmas lunch - I'm a little sad because it'll be the first year ever! But a time to start new traditions! Christmas in July cookies sound great!

  9. I love that they have Christmas in July! It's so hot in Atlanta, so it's great to stay in and watch a feel good movie.

  10. I have always said I would do Christmas in July, but more of preparing for December so I don't feel so overwhelmed when it comes around, I had no idea this was actually a thing! I honestly have not heard of most of these movies : )

  11. I don't think I've ever seen any of these movies before, or even heard of them. I can't believe we're getting close to thinking about Christmas x

  12. Although I don't celebrate Christmas, I love all the holiday themed movies. Can't wait to see what Hallmark has in store this year.

  13. Going to set the DVR to record some of these movies. I think I most excited to see the premiere of the Christmas Cure. Love those original Hallmark movies.

  14. I love Christmas in July. You know what else is in July? my Birthday, so its like Christmas twice! So awesome. I will be checking this out! - Jeanine

  15. I love Christmas but always wait till December to celebrate. It is my favorite holiday. This would be so much fun to do!

  16. Wow, I had no idea that people actually celebrated Christmas in July. I guess you learn something new everyday. Sounds like you're gonna have fun!

  17. There is Christmas in July? That's a great news for me because I really love Christmas! I like watching movies, too, with lots of eating. Ha-ha!

  18. Happy Christmas in July! I would celebrate with you, but my hubs is a stick in the mud. He only wants to celebrate Christmas in December :-(

  19. Christmas in July is awesome! I think Christmas has always been something to look forward to. It's the time that I take a break and just enjoy everything with the kids. These movies are something to look forward to for sure!

  20. Wow! I can't believe you're not celebrating at home this year. I would love to go somewhere tropical but I feel like I will miss the snow of Christmas.

  21. Sounds like you are going to have a great Christmas vacation. Have fun!

  22. We have often spent Thanksgiving as a family at a resort but I never thought about doing so for Christmas. I will be curious to see how it goes for you guys.

  23. I also love making cookies before Christmas. I play some Christmas music and let the magic happen :)

  24. Celebrating Christmas in July sounds like a lot of fun. I am sure my two boys would go for it! We won't be celebrating Christmas at home this year either - we will be at Disneyworld!

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