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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Christmas Cookies!

Who can resist a post called Christmas Cookies, I tell you!!

I host a Christmas Cookie Exchange every year the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  About this time each year, I start taste testing the cookies that I want to try.  There are some important considerations for the cookies that are MUSTS:

  • 1.  The cookie must withstand packing.  No crumbly mess for my cookies!
  • 2.  The cookie must be small enough to pack in my container (12).  That sounds like that might be on me, but no, some cookies are designed to be huge!
  • 3.  The cookie can be creative but not take too much time for each cookie. I could be making up to 240 of the same cookie!
  • 4.  The cookie ingredients must be easily found. If I make a major league boo boo, I will need to be   able to restock the ingredients without ordering.
  • 5.  It must taste OUTSTANDING!

These cookies are ones that I am eager to try!  Some look more time consuming than others.  Those might be more fun for my family.  These gracious bloggers all allowed me to share their cookies with you!

Candy Cane Meringue Cookies by Bless This Mess
Red Velvet Cookies by Pink When
Mint Chocolate Brussels Cookies by the Cookie Rookie
Easy Gingerbread Cookies by Snap Creativity
Candy Filled Present Cookies by Hungry Happenings
Christmas Cookies by Lil’ Luna
Candy Cane Cookies by Home Cooking Memories
Grinch Cookies by Mom Dot
Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies by This Silly Girl’s Kitchen
Christmas Chocolate Kiss Cookies by The Kitchen is My Playground
Melting Snowmen Cookies by Homemade Hooplah
Stained Glass Cookies by Simply Recipes
Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies by a Pumpkin and a Princess

Which cookies are standing out to you?  My first one to try has to be those Candy Cane Meringues.  I think they may be too delicate but between you and me, I just want to make them for myself. Oopsie!

What are your favorite cookie swap cookies?

Would you like to comment?

  1. We do a cookie exchange, too, in the first week of December. It is always so fun to try everyone else's cookies. Love all of your ideas here :)

  2. How fun! Do the same people participate in your swap each year? Do you have to ship to all of them, or are some local to you? Your list for this year all sound delicious!

  3. All these ideas sound delightful! I can never resist Christmas cookies, they are the best and they're one of the things to look forward to during the Holidays!

  4. I love most varieties of Christmas cookies and would love to be able to eat them all year round. Unfortunately, if I did that, I would be very much out of shape.

  5. These cookies look so yummy and make me want to enjoy the holidays now. What a fantastic roundup! Thanks!

  6. Seeing Christmas cookies makes me excited for Christmas early. It might be just July, but Christmas will be here in 5 short months!

  7. I love making Christmas cookies, especially with the whole family and making it a fun activity for us all to take part in! You are getting me very excited for christmas this year!

  8. oh man i love Christmas cookies, they are my favorite part of the holiday seasoning. i love doing cookie swaps its awesome.

  9. The chocolate dipped gingerbread men look great. The chocolate chip snowball cookies look good too.

    I love baking Christmas cookies and bake dozens for Christmas gifts (and our own enjoyment) every year. I take a cookie and fudge tray to every event we go to during the season. Not sure what my favorite cookie swap cookie would be. Maybe these: Chocolate Mint Crisps.

  10. These cookies all look amazing, I'm definitely going to have to try making my own this year x

  11. We do a Christmas cookie exchange within our family and I love it! Especially the sharing of recipes and of course eating them. Christmas is my favorite time of the year!!

  12. Cookies exchanges are so much fun. I love trying all the different Xmas cookies that everyone creates each year.

  13. I love me some Christmas cookies. If for no other reason, I want to celebrate Christmas in July just for some cookies!

  14. I haven't done a Christmas Cookie Exchange in a while, but would love to do one again this year! I love Christmas all year long! I'm gonna check these Christmas cookie recipes out!

  15. Christmas cookies are the best and it's fun to start getting new recipes together for the holiday baking season!

  16. I would love to take part in a cookie exchange how fun! I love Christmas and especially Christmas cookies so this would be so fun. These are great ideas! - Jeanine

  17. I love christmas cookies!I even ended ungiving them as gifts last year to all of my friends and loved ones! It was perfect and the kids loved helping make them!

  18. Those Christmas cookies looks oh so yummy and delectable! I love enjoying those throughout until we run out. It always reminds me of home whenever I have them even if I am far away. Thank you for this! I just might get those sooner.

  19. Can't stop myself from cookies I'll tell you that. These look so bright and tasty!

  20. My favorite would be the Chocolate Peppermint Stuffed Cookies. Anything Chocolate and Peppermint has my heart.


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