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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The 2013 Holiday Season Commences!

Labor Day Weekend is the perfect time to sit down and look at the upcoming Holiday Season and begin making plans for all the activities you want to do and the time you have to do them!  We are moving into a new house in October, so I am needing to plan as much as I can now, while I am not tooooo busy!

I like using paper and pencil first to plan.  I like to see it written down before I add it to my electronic calendar.  I can see the whole month at a glance and can see if I am overplanning any one particular week.

As I plan, I love to have Christmas music playing.  It helps me concentrate fully and I find myself happily in the process of planning away!  I like to use my good pens and quality paper, and use my best handwriting while I plan away.  Eventually I will make a critical mistake and all the neatness goes right out the window, but it was sure fun while it lasted!

I found this darling clip on You Tube.  Many people have seen it, but it was new to me, so in the off chance that you haven't seen it either, enjoy the link below.  It's a little over two minutes long, but worth
 every second of it!

The Christmas Scale

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  1. What a great video! I haven't seen it before. I do play the piano and I smiled all the way through...

  2. That is a great video. Did you know I also have a Christmas blog? It is and has hundreds of fun tips.


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