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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Christmas in July 2013

I participated with a group of lovely women in a Christmas in July Swap and we had to wait until today to open our boxes!  O!  The anticipation!!  What a fun activity!

We kept our partners a secret.  We found out who they were when they received our boxes.  My partner is Liz, who had a baby a month ago and still found the time to participate!!  What a girl!!

Liz packs an efficient box. She had a seven inch cube box. Somehow inside this small box was a lot of gifts!

Here's the low down:  a red and black necklace, a plug in fragrance warmer, several wine corks, packages of Christmas note cards, Christmas tags,  a candle, pencils, a ME pen, cute snowflake clips, a game, stickers , a snowman ornament and a cute snowman bag.  I feel like I won the Christmas in July jackpot!

Christmas in July jackpot!!
Thank you sweet Liz, for this exceptional swap box.  I am in love with each and every item!  Thank you for sponsoring this neat swap, Thoughts from the Porch!  I will participate again!!

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  1. How fun! You received some great gifts. Terrific idea for Christmas in July.

  2. I can gleefully confirm that Liz is an amazing swap partner! Looks like she out did herself!

    Merry Christmas in July!

  3. Nice! What a fun gift box to receive. Enjoy all your gifts.


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