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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve has many traditions, such as Midnight Mass, the Santa Sack and getting our Christmas pajamas.  This Christmas Eve, we are branching out and doing something a bit different, we are doing a dinner and a movie, with all the food based on the movie scenes.  The movie?

The first course comes in the shape of breakfast.  Scrambled eggs on top of rosemary olive oil toast with a side of cinnamon bacon and of course, a tiny mimosa!  These dishes are tapas sized, "small plates" and will allow us to have many dishes throughout the movie.

The next course features meatloaf with mashed potatoes with a glass of "milk" (white Russians for us!).

During the snowball scene we will have vanilla cakepops dipped in white chocolate.

When Ralphie and his brother visit Santa, we will serve mini chocolate chip cookies and grown up chocolate milk (Godiva with a bit of cream to thin it out!)

The last course is Peking Duck on sticky rice served in Chinese take out containers.  Served with slightly warmed sake, this is to celebrate the family eating Chinese when the neighbor dogs ruin their turkey.

We don't know if this will become a tradition, or just a fun way we spent our 2012 Christmas Eve.  Whatever the case, I know we will all enjoy being together.  Merry Christmas Eve!

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  1. Rosemary olive toast sounds so good!
    Im looking forward to mimosas too, only they may not be so tiny ;)
    Merry Christmas

  2. Too cute, Triplet! I love that you're trying something new. How'd it turn out?

    Merry Christmas!


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