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Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Christmas Music

There are more new Christmas albums on the market than I have seen in years!  Here are some of my favorites.  If you are in the market for holiday music, check these out!

This Justin Bieber album has everything you want in a pop holiday album.  It is upbeat, fun and filled with duets with people like Mariah Carey.  The best part?  Part of the proceeds go to charity.

I love Carole King, and this album, A Holiday Carole, is perfect for a 50 something like me.  She even has a couple of songs celebrating Hanukkah as well.

I am a huge Glee fan so you could hear me squealing when I found out that Glee had a Christmas album.  Holiday classics and some pop tunes are featured on this album.  Perfect for anyone who adores musicals.

Here are some albums I am wanting to hear badly but haven't yet.  This first one is an alternative album featuring one of my favorite bands, Owl City.  

And who would want to be without Michael Buble this Christmas?
If you have a favorite new to 2011, share it with the rest of us!  Until then, here is a little clip of Christmas music to enjoy!

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  1. I have to get the Michael Buble's album! We saw him in concert a few months ago and it was a fantastic show!!


  2. I've got the 'old' Michael Bubblé Christmas cd and I love it!! I'm sure this one is as good.

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