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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Not Christmas Unless...

I read a lot of blogs and on one blog there was this darling post about It's Not Christmas Unless... I wish I was better at remembering where I saw this post so I could give the author credit. If you know, leave me a post!

For us, it's not Christmas unless...

...our daughter puts the angel on top of the tree. She's 24 now and it's difficult to lift her to the top of the tree.

... we bake cookies and make candy until the cows come home! We made four cookies and six candies this year!

... we watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. I have watched this television special since the 60s. My favorite Christmas song comes from this show!

... we open stockings on Christmas morning! It is my favorite part of the day.

... I read a Christmasy novel. This year I read two by Debbie Macomber, with Mrs. Miracle being one.

... we go and see a Transiberian Orchestra concert! They rock!

... we go and see a Christmas program put on by elementary students. It is always adorable.

... we sing Christmas carols at Mass, perferrably Midnight Mass, but any will do!

... I send out Christmas cards, even if it is just a few.

... we open Santa's Sack on Christmas Eve. The bag always contains our pjs and a game and snacks for Christmas Eve fun.

... we hang the ornaments on the tree that my grandparents made. There are several crocheted ornaments and a clothespin reindeer that I must see every year.

... we pull Christmas crackers on Christmas morning! We usually do this right before we eat breakfast.

... we watch homemade family videos of prior Christmases. We LOVE doing this!

... we go around town and look at Christmas lights with our peppermint hot cocoa and pizza.

... I taste my mom's peanut butter balls and her eggnog. Delightful.

... we see our Christmas mice collection on the buffet in the family room. They are so cheerful and fun.

I'd love to hear about your traditions that you cannot do without!

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  1. This is a great list you have created, but I can't stop now and create my own; tis the season of bustling and most of all, of Jesus.
    Your family traditions sound like fun and its the first I've seen of Christmas mice.


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