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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sometimes things don't go as planned...

I love Christmas and I consider myself a Christmas die hard. By now the upstairs would have three trees decorated and the foyer upstairs would have three wreaths and the sideboard would be decorated.


This year, I won't get to decorate upstairs. And, downstairs may not have but one tree and the family room but one tree.

Because sometimes life throws you major curve balls. That's ok, though, because I am learning that even though the house may not sparkle from head to toe with Christmas cheer, I am personally sparkling from head to toe with Christmas cheer. I am streamlining and making each decoration count. Everything that is being put out will have a personal and family connection and I am going to document those connections in a book for Ashley. Then when life throws a curve ball that ends in a strike out, she will know which items are precious, and which ones are just for fun.

This Christmas will be a time of joy and celebration as I was able to hit the curve ball and get safely to base. All my pathology reports say I am cancer free! Now, to just get past recovery from surgery, being able to use my arm and to stoop down and reach up, will be my next goals.

Enjoy the season everyone!

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  1. It will be an especially wonderful Christmas, this year, Terri! Good idea documenting the ornaments.

    We leave early tomorrow. Have to wait for the Vet to open, so we can board Miss Molly, add insult (her boarding) to injury, she will have a bath and pedicure. She'll need lotsa lovin' when we get home!:-)

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Sparkle on, sweet Triplet!!!!

    Your home will be incomparably beautiful because of your presence in it....nothing more is needed.

    And never understimate the power of Christmas never know what might happen, and this year, everything will probably seem even more gorgeous than usual anyway!

  3. Congratulations!! So glad to hear your wonderful results.

  4. I think you've found that the true magic of Christmas isn't in the 13 trees that beautifully decorated your home in the past but rather in the joy and love that surrounds you in your family and friends. Trust me, you're home will be lovelier than ever this holiday season!!

    I'm so happy to hear your good news!! I'm a firm believer in Christmas miracles!

  5. hugs to me Christmas is a feeling, the love in your house during the holidays...time spent with family. I hope surgery goes well, keep us posted.

  6. I can picture you personally sparkling, and planning a lovely Christmas, and it is good that you are recovering with an excellent health report.
    My favorite Scripture this year is 3 John 2.
    "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers."

  7. Congrats on cancer free!! We have battled cancer this last year and half with my mom(lung cancer). We can also celebrate a little slower this year but she is cancer free as well!! Yes we def sparkle with the Christmas cheer of just being here and being together!! Hope you enjoy every moment of it!! love and peace ~ the Good Life~~


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