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Friday, December 7, 2018

The ABCs of Christmas Gift Wrapping

I love seeing pretty packages under the tree.  My grandmother Oliver always wrapped her presents with nice paper and pretty handmade bows. She would find a sharp pair of heavy scissors and a big bunch of curling ribbon and make the longest curling ribbons to put on packages.  To this day I love to see curling ribbons on packages!

I'm going to share with you my ABCs of Christmas Gift Wrapping!  This makes wrapping presents a lot of fun.  Here we go!

Christmas Gift Wrapping with wrapped present and tools for wrapping

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It's Day 9 and we are sharing Pretty Gift Wrapping Ideas!


Using pretty paper, wrap your package using invisible tape. 

Christmas Gift Wrapping using washi tape


Tie ribbons, string, washi tape or even decorated duct tape to accent the top of the package.

Tying on string, fresh greenery and tag on a christmas wrapped gift


Tie on a label that says "to" and "from" or make this darling initial to place on your package! Using wire cutters, bend a paper clip into the first initial of the person who the gift is for!

Creating a tag from a paper clip

It is all about creativity here!  Look for coordinating colors and textures but don't be afraid to venture out on your own!

Wrapped Christmas present in white paper with a green fir branch and the initial A

Scroll down for many more Pretty Gift Wrapping Ideas!

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  1. Your wrapping ideas are absolutely beautiful :) I love the creativity! I will definitely use some of these ideas!

  2. Holy moly! You wrap presents like you're your own department store. That is an absolutely beautiful job. I'm lucky if I can get the paper flat.

  3. Brilliant! Love the wire initial idea in place of a name tag.

  4. I love all of these!! I suck at wrapping paper even when I follow tutorials lol

  5. We love embellishing presents but are not fans of wrapping! Great suggestions x

  6. All pretty wrapping, but wrapping is the thing I like least of all... I'm thinking of making Christmas bags out of fabric for next year

  7. Catherine Santiago JoseDecember 7, 2018 at 8:59 PM

    Such a great way to wrap gift for this coming special season. I loved how you add that Christmas tree leaves on this, it's very unique.

  8. My eldest sister loves wrapping gifts and any other stuff that requires so. She will definitely love this new idea

  9. The wrapping presents bit, is my least favourite part of Xmas

  10. many great ideas thanks for sharing

  11. Love those simple ABCs for gift wrapping.

  12. I needed some more ideas for gift wrapping this year! Thank you for sharing!

  13. This is such a handy guide and actually makes wrapping seem enjoyable. I usually absolutely hate doing it.

  14. Oh my.goodness.this is just the post I needed! I am terrible at gift wrapping no matter how much I practice! These are all.such beautiful ideas maybe it will help me haha

  15. These are really amazing Christmas Gift Wrapping ideas. thanks a lot for sharing!

  16. This is so helpful for me! Starting from today I'm going to wrap...

  17. I love wrapping the presents and making each their own with a unique look. Love this post!


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