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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Surprise Gift Wrappings

My mother had a real talent for gift wrapping in unusual ways.  Each year she would give my dad his annual hunting and fishing license for Christmas.  She was so good at coming up with tricky ways to disguise what was a gift he knew he was getting.

One year she taped the license to a brick and then wrapped the brick.

She opened a box of cereal and slipped it into the cereal and wrapped the cereal as a gift.

One year she did a progressive sized boxing and the license was in the smallest box.

She placed the license in a book once.

I remember the license was in a coffee can.

And you know what? My dad was always able to guess that the license was in that package!  I remember how it always made us giggle, that dad could always figure out which package had the license!

To spark your own creativity, check out this list of wonderful ways to wrap your own Christmas gifts! And, if you have any great ideas for my mom, please leave them here!

15 Unique Gift Wrap Ideas
Santa Belt Gift Wrap by Craft Passion
Printable Gift Boxes by Lolly Jane
Fabric Gift Wrap by the Sweetest Occasion
Kraft Paper with Cupcake Liner Bows by Craftaholics Anonymous
Personalized Photo Gift Tags by Simply Designing
Burlap Gift Bag by Uncommon Designs
Recycled Paper Strips Gift Wrap by the Country Chic Cottage
Canvas Drop Cloth Gift Wrap by the Idea Room
Coloring Page Gift Bows by Lines Across
Polka Dot Gift Wrap by I Try DIY
Lunch Bag Holiday Wrapping by Lovely Indeed
Napkin Gift Wrap by Hello Glow
Atlas Paper Wrap by a Beautiful Mess

DIY Confetti Gift Bags by Mod Podge Rocks

Which is your favorite??  I am all about that map gift wrap, wouldn't that be fun for a set of airline tickets?

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  1. Your mom is so clever! How fun for your dad to see what unique way she came up with wrapping the same gift year after year.

    1. She is. My dad has passed, so these are just very fond memories!

  2. My mom was always the BEST wrapper. She would find the prettiest paper and then do the packages all up with pretty bows and ribbons. I almost didn't want to open some of them lol.

    1. I love getting a beautifully wrapped gift. Makes me feel special.

  3. These are all good unique gift wrapping ideas! I love that many of them are from reused repurposed materials! I especially like the brown paper bag with stamping. Great ideas. Thanks.

  4. Cute! Such a fun way to mix up Christmas gifts. I'll have to try some of these.

  5. Your mom sounds like a very clever and creative wrapper. I'm kind of old school because I really love all that holiday paper.

  6. What a sweet story! I remember a xmas where we had presents wrapped inside 5-6 layers of boxes!

  7. It's really awesome to get creative when it comes to wrapping the presents for Christmas! It's one of the things that I have really fun doing during the Holidays. Especially when it comes to gifts for the kids and the rest of the family! These are great ideas!

  8. what a lovely idea and so cute! My auntie bought me a netball once and then wrapped it in several boxes and I had no idea what it was, it was so much fun!

  9. OMG! Your post reminded me we are past the middle of the year and in a few months it will be Christmas again! Wow! Thanks for sharing your lovely post! Great ideas!

  10. Until now I still can't master the art of wrapping. Thank you for sharing. This will come handy for the holidays. And kudos to your mom as well.

  11. Oh man I am an absolutely terrible gift wrapper!!! It's almost embarassing! I want to try and do some cool wrapping for christmas this year though!

  12. I'm so excited for the holidays! We're just about to move into a new home and I'm really looking forward to everything Christmas in our new house!

  13. I love these. Christmas gift wrapping is one of my favorite parts about Christmas, there is something so magical giving a pretty wrapped gift!


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