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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#HomecraftedEdibles Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bark

This week on #HomecraftedEdibles, we are all chocolatiers!  At the end of this post you will find some lovely chocolates so be sure and go look!

I am featuring this super easy, super sophisticated Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Bark.  Two ingredients: very good dark chocolate, and pomegranate seeds.

I used Godiva dark chocolate disks for the chocolate. Melt the chocolate slowly over a double boiler or in the microwave.  Follow the package directions on the chocolate you purchase.  Drain the pomegranate seeds (if you buy them already seeded) and pat dry with paper towels.  This is important as extra liquid will make the chocolate seize.  Pour half of the container of seeds into the melted chocolate and stir well.  Be gentle as to not break up the seeds.  Pour the chocolate onto parchment paper and spread until about one quarter inch thick.  Press the remaining seeds on top of the chocolated.  Let set up completely.

Remove the parchment from the chocolate.  Break or cut into pieces.

This is absolutely divine with a white cheddar cheese and a good red wine.  Trust me, it will knock your socks off!

In an effort to make all of my holiday gifts this year, we are sharing recipes for hand-crafted edibles. Over the course of twelve weeks, we'll be sharing recipes that you can make at home to give to friends and loved ones, or things to serve at holiday parties. We hope you'll follow along for inspiration. You can find out more information, including the schedule: here.

This week, we are letting out our inner chocolatiers shine, sharing all sorts of recipes with chocolate.

Next week - week 11 - check back for our recipes to inspire you as we let our mad cookie baking skillz show. Don't forget to check out our #handcraftededibles pinterest board.

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  1. That looks gorgeous! What a beautiful hostess gift that would make with a good bottle of red wine. Yumm!

  2. This looks wonderful! I need to try this! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I just happen to have some pomegranate seeds in my refrigerator waiting to be used.

  4. This looks so delicious & festive!


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