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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#HandcraftedEdibles2015 Confetti Bean Soup

The bean soup craze that started the jarred mix craze was the Confetti Bean Soup.  My husband and I gave away tons of these jarred soup mixes.  Our favorite is this Confetti Bean Soup by Organized Christmas.

Confetti Bean Soup Recipe

1 bag red lentils
1 bag black beans
1 bag baby lima beans
1 bag great northern white beans
1 bag pinto beans
10 T Italian Seasoning (see my homemade mix here)
5 bouillion cubes
5 bay leaves
5 mason jars, pint sized, with lids and rings

Make sure your canning jars are clean and dry.  2.  Toss all the beans together (you can layer them if you wish).  Divide into 5 jars.  Add 1 bay leaf and 1 bouillion cube and 2 T of Italian Seasoning to each jar.  Seal jars.

You can get free Christmas gift tag labels by going to their site here and downloading and printing them.

Follow directions on the label to make soup.  You can add a box of cornbread and a wooden spoon in a basket for a full meal!

In an effort to make all of her holiday gifts this year, Camilla at Culinary Adventures with Camilla invited some of her favorite foodie bloggers to share recipes for hand-crated edibles. Over the course of the next twelve weeks, we'll be sharing recipes from homemade spice blends (last week's theme) to charcuterie trays and everything in between. Hope you'll follow along for inspiration. You can find out more information, including the schedule: here.

This week, we're sharing our favorite jarred mixes. Think jarred soup mixes or bread mixes. I am a sucker for anything in a mason jar. How about you?

Thanks to these gals and their Magnificent Mason Jarred Gifts!
Next week, check back for our recipes for our second week focused on libations. Or check out our #handcraftededibles pinterest board.

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