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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Getting Organized for the 2015 Christmas Season!

My Christmas "break" is now over for 2015.  It is time to start thinking about the Christmas season and what plans I may want to make for that very short month of December.

I organize with a three ring binder that I made many years ago.  I had to replace the physical binder several years ago and I decided to get a stronger one that was a bit more expensive.  For six months of the year, this little guy gets a lot of use.

What's in this binder?  Lots and lots of things.  Actually examples of the Christmas cards we've sent Christmas letters, recipes for the foods we've tried, photographs of our home decor, Christmas lists, lists of ornaments purchased, idea files for ornaments and crafts.  Some of the files haven't been used for awhile, as I tend to keep a lot of organization on Pinterest on the Christmas Tree Lane account. (Shameless plug, click the link to follow me on Pinterest!)  I still like to keep photos handy and the lists.

How do you start a binder?  I started by using forms that other's created that suited my needs.  Here are some forms on sale at Etsy that I love!  These instant downloadable forms are available at PrintablePossibilities and are available now.

Here's another adorable planner.  This one is available from JessAmyFlo.  It is another instant download.  I love instant waiting!!

Once you have your forms and your binder, then you can decide if you are going to save photos in the binder, Christmas letters, cards, etc.  I do all these and my binder is pretty thick.  I am going to stop with the letters, as I do an online letter now and they are saved on the website.  The cards are still pretty paper ones, and I like saving a copy of each one!

There are a number of good apps online for Christmas organizing, too.  Some of my favorites are:

For Countdowns:

All these countdown apps are free:

Christmas Countdown!!

For organizing, try these apps:

                    Gift It!

         First Time Christmas

The last app costs 99 cents but is a great deal for all the organizing it will do for you!  

The time to start planning for a reduced stress Christmas is now!  In future posts I will discuss organizing gift wrap, Christmas cards, your baking schedule, and cleaning!  Looking forward to sharing more organizing tips with all of you!

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  1. This is great!! I can't believe that before we know it, the 2015 Christmas countdown will be on. I'll have to use these to help keep myself organized this year :)

  2. Wow, and I thought I was organized for having a list of the presents I've given each year (and plan to give for the current year) in a list on my phone! I bow to you, oh Queen of Christmas!

  3. I would have so much fun with that planner :) I love things like that!

  4. I admire your organization and this pretty binder. One thing I do each year in late November is tell people about the Christmas book I co-authored which has ideas about simplifying our holiday. I think your planning lets you have a relaxed celebration.

  5. You're so organized to get started now. I should follow suit and then I wouldn't get so stressed out come holiday time.


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