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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Christmas in July Christmas Plans

It is about this time every year that I contact my family and ask them to think about when we could do Christmas as a family.  I usually hear a lot of grumbles and such, but if we start asking our bosses for time off now, we are usually able to get one or the other weekends between Christmas off. 

We try to balance my family, my husband's family, my son-in-law's family and work.  We try not to do the "every other year" thing because I want to see everyone, every year!  However, some of the nieces and nephews like this every other year idea and so I have to honor and respect their wishes!  How do you balance family needs during the holidays?

It's about this time when I print out a December calendar and place it on my bulletin board and start writing in dates....we have tickets purchased for events and our neighborhood's Homes Tour, and we want to be sure that we can fit it all in!

This keeps me fairly organized and not double booked.  Would love to hear your ways of keeping organized during the holidays!

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  1. I love your calendar. Good idea to start planning early so you can fit everything in!


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