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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June Rudolph Day

A galaxy ago, I was a member of a community of Christmas lovers who celebrated the 25th of each month as Rudolph Day.  Somehow, over the years, I have lost contact with them, although from time to time I get an email from someone who is celebrating Rudolph Days!  I hope someday to reconnect with those who love Christmas as much as I do!

Last year I was lamenting that I no longer had my home of 12 years to decorate and just had my tiny apartment.  Well, this year, I will have another new space to decorate.  My husband and I are building a house and hopefully will be in it in time to decorate for the holidays!!

This is an artist's rendition of our house.  The house will be medium gray, white trim and a yellow door!  I love the yellow door, but I am going to need some help figuring out how to make the door look Christmasy when the time comes!!

I can see lights on the gable, along the guttering, around each pole.  I will need a Christmas tree on the wraparound, too, don't you think?

I welcome any and all suggestions!!

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  1. The house looks nice and I love the colors you have picked out for yours! Definitely a tree on the porch!

  2. Triplet! Are you up for a Christmas in July blog hop this year?

    Your home looks awesome. I had no idea you were building! I think a yellow door will be gorgeous and I don't think you need do anything different....yellow goes great with everything. It's my favorite color!

    Oh and I meant to add remember Joyeux Noel from OC? I wish I could "find" her again...

    1. Yes, I am ready to do a blog hop! Are you organizing it? Let mek now!!

    2. Wooohoooo! The thing is, I am not exactly sure how it works; I mean, I assume we each post something? How do we get others' involved? Do you wanna do it just the 25th, or that week, maybe once a week in you have enough ideas for everyday??

    3. Hmmm. Let's invite people, and have them invite people and then maybe do one of those linky parties. Should we do a theme a day for 5 days leading up to the 25th? Packaging, foods, decorating, traditions, photography, what else?

  3. Your new home is going to be beautiful!!! A classic wreath on the door goes a long way!


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