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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two months away!

I had the most wonderful thing happen to me... I discovered that my new town loves Christmas as much as I do!

I hear there are Santa parades every weekend and on the 24th there is a Santa send off parade!

I cannot wait to experience this great tradition of Saint Charles.  I am working with the New Town Christmas committee hose tour!  I will be a docent this year.  I have been distributing flyers over town.

I am hosting a cookie exchange at my apartment!  Lots of people wanted to come!  We are up to making eight dozen cookies.  

We are setting up dates for or family gatherings.  Trying to get us all together is proving to be very interesting but we always manage to get it done.  It takes patience, compromise and a good sense of humor to make it work!

I am looking at online Christmas cards.  There are so many cute ones out there!  I am also doing our annual Christmas blog.  We do that instead of a letter. We can say a lot more and have many more photos! 

Keep planning and come back next month!

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  1. Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit, like someone else in the spirit! I can hear the excitement in your words, Terri!! Looking forward to your Christmas posts! :)

  2. Love your Christmas posts :) Have fun with your cookie exchange & Santa parades.

  3. Sounds like your town sure does get in the Christmas spirit!! How exciting is that!!

    I have started decorating already. Doing the LR first as that room takes me the longest!



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